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TRACKER Off Road Learning Center

Which Off-Road Vehicle is Best For Hunting?

As a hunter, an off road vehicle could be one of your most expensive pieces of equipment. Learn the advantages of ATVs and side-by-sides to see which is best.

Where are Tracker Off Road vehicles made?

Tracker Off Road vehicles are proudly assembled in the United States by American workers. Take a look to learn more about the origins of our hard working, mud-slinging, freedom-loving machines.

Simple Steps to Winterize Your ATV or Side-by-side UTV

Winterization can be an annual ritual if you own a boat, ATV, or side-by-side UTV. When hunting season ends and before you put your rig to bed for the winter, protect your investment with a few simple steps to ensure it's ready to go in the spring.

10 +1 Whitetail Deer Hunting Must Haves

If you operate by the mantra, “you can never have enough gear,” then go for it. Just remember what it all comes down to is what can fit inside your hunting backpack. Grab your favorite pack—and if you need a new one, we have a suggestion below—and load it up with these 10 must-have items.

From Field To Table: Tips For Preparing Venison

After releasing an arrow or pulling a trigger, the work begins. But, knowing that a palate-pleasing meal is on the other side makes it all worthwhile. Learn more about the cuts of deer and how to make the most out of your game.

Tips When Traveling For A Hunt

As much as you enjoy hunting on your lease or property, there is always an attraction to venture out of your comfort zone. Just like a family vacation, it takes careful planning when traveling to an unfamiliar destination. The following ideas will help you plan a successful travel hunting trip.

Spring Turkey Season Scouting in Stealth

You'll find more turkeys if you stay on the move. When combined with trail cameras, a silent, all-electric side-by-side like the Tracker Off Road EV iS will help you connect with more birds all season long.

Best Apps For Off-roading

Your smartphone should rank low on the gear priority list for off-road adventuring, right? Nobody wants their chill time in the great outdoors interrupted by the annoying ding of incoming text messages. On the practical side, smartphone-powered apps can add convenience and fun to offroading.

Safety Gear For ATVs & UTVs

Enjoying outdoor sports takes two things. Having fun and keeping it safe. Wearing protective gear designed for just about any activity is how you do both. Be safe and have fun by wearing the proper safety gear on the following list. Make your ATV and UTV experience even safer by visiting the ATV Safety Institute website at

How Fast Will It Go?

When it comes to anything with an engine, this question inevitably comes up, and understandably so! There are many factors that go into top speed of an ATV or side-by-side, and while getting the adrenaline pumping is a given, they're also capable workhorses.


ATVs in the 600 class are hugely popular, and we're proud to showcase a long list of reasons why the Tracker Off Road 600EPS LE is king of the hill. Chief among them are superior strength, effortless handling, and unequaled capability that yield the strongest value in the industry.

ATV Winter Safety

Mud, snow and cold. Those are some of the givens for wintertime off-roading. Your ATV and side-by-side can handle all three conditions. But can you? The good news is that while the weather is cold, you can adapt and find even more reasons and ways to make off-roading a year-round adventure.

DIY Tips For Tanning Skins & Making Mounts

A DIY project gives you pride and peace of mind knowing the job was done right. Why not skip the taxidermist this year and make you own European mount and tan your trophy's hide? Hint: It's easier than you think. Here's how.

Hunt and Ride Comfortably Late Season With These Clothing and Gear Tips

Late season hunting means adding another layer or two to your hunting outfit. Today’s high-tech fabrics allow you to wear less while staying warmer in the woods. Layer up with these late-season hunting garments that demonstrate how base, middle and outer layers work together to provide the most comfortable and effective dryness and warmth.

Plant The Perfect Food Plot

ATVs and side-by-sides are versatile workhorses for sportsmen, outdoorsmen, and farmers. When rigged with proper implements, these capable vehicles make quick work of plowing, discing, seeding, spraying, and more.


Learn more about how Tracker Off Road vehicles are sold with our legendary No Haggle-No Hassle pricing. You will learn how it works and if it’s right for you. You will also find out about other advantages of buying an off-road vehicle at Tracker Off Road dealerships.

Conservation Duties For Off-roaders

Offroading adds another exciting reason for enjoying the great outdoors. ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and UTVs (utility vehicles) can take riders farther into the wilderness than any 4x4 truck. With that benefit comes a responsibility to respect the land and water that is centric to the offroading environment.

Choosing an ATV or UTV

Spencer Helms, a Certified Sales Consultant at the Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Boating Center in Springfield, MO, is here to guide customers through those decisions. At locations across the country, his colleagues are eager to help you discover the right ATV or UTV for your needs. Get started by taking in this helpful advice from Spencer with a primer on these do-it-all four wheelers.


TRACKER OFF ROAD vehicles are superbly built, which is we stand behind them with a warranty. But with extended warranties, there are a host of questions. Take a look at the issues so you'll be more informed about the potential benefits.

12 Hunting Strategy Do’s And Don’ts

You invested a lot of time and effort into preparing for deer season. When opening day arrives, make sure you've covered your bases and aren't making any of these dozen common—yet crucial—mistakes.

Know These Whitetail Deer Diseases & More

Whitetail deer are prone to diseases caused by a long list of environmental pathogens that can rapidly spread throughout populations and cause death and chronic illness. Here is a list of five diseases worth know about this upcoming season.

Ice Fishing Safety Gear

Modern ice fishing is light years ahead of the sport’s Ice Ages, when anglers shivered in the frigid cold, using crude tackle while relying mostly on luck to get a bite. Practicing ice fishing safety is a deep subject that should be studied and applied at all times. Before you load up your Tracker Off Road ATV or UTV for ice fishing, leave room for gear that might save your life.

Choose the best Hunting Rifle and Caliber

Who HASN'T been a part of this conversation? In this instance, we take a look at the two overriding factors in the equation: needs and budget. Step inside as we take an objective look at these two points—without all the fussing. We promise.

Transporting Tips For Off Road Vehicles

Where the pavement ends, the off-road travel begins. Follow these tips to make your journey from home to trail safe, while preventing damage to your off-road vehicle and the trailer.

Gift Ideas For Off-Roaders

Beside the ride itself, off-roaders like the ability to accessorize their vehicles. Gadgets and gear that keep them on the trail—or get them back on it—are top choices. Here are some gift ideas for the ATV or side-by-side owner on your shopping list.

DIY Tips For Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles are built tough to take on whatever stands in their way. So why bother with home upkeep for something that is built like a tank? Keep your off-road vehicle on the trail and out of the repair shop with these do-it-yourself tasks.

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