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We recommend that all riders take a training course, and that they read and understand their owner’s manual before operation.

Click the following links for more information regarding in-person and/or online courses visit your dealer or the following:

Pre-Ride Inspection

Check and maintain recommended tire pressure.
  • Under-inflated tires can cause wheel damage. Over-inflated tires can damage tires. Both can result in poor steering and handling.
  • Use a low-pressure gauge, not an automotive gauge.
  • Check tires for leaks, cuts or gouges.
  • Ensure wheel axle nuts are tight and cotter pins are secured. Make sure wheel nuts are tight. Rock front and rear wheels to check for bad bearings or loose nuts.
  • Check brakes for proper operation.
  • Make sure throttle works smoothly and correctly with the handlebars in any position. Check cables and controls aren’t damaged.
Foot Shifter
  • Ensure the foot shifter is correctly attached and positioned.
  • Test all lights.
  • Check oil before starting engine.
driveshaft and chassis
  • Inspect driveshaft and chassis for loose parts.
Safety Gear
  • Make sure your tool kit and safety gear is in order.

Aside from the pre-ride check, make sure you perform periodic maintenance as outlined in your owner manual.

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