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Is there a stress-free way to buy an off-road vehicle?

Have you seen that button that you hate? You know the one. You’re just trying to find a price. Simple, right? Then that button shows up that says, “Click here to have a dealer contact you.”

Are you shopping for a new off-road vehicle and frustrated because it’s hard to find the price? We hear you. For many brands, it can be impossible to get anything other than a list price or MSRP. You know what that means, right? A trip to the dealership to haggle over the price, and then you’re left to wonder if you got a good deal.

The problem is that some dealerships inflate the sticker price with hidden charges for things you don’t want or need. Before you know it, that great deal doesn’t look so good. Negotiating can turn into a real hassle.

In this article, you will learn more about how off-road vehicles are sold by TRACKER Off Road™ with a process we call No Haggle No Hassle pricing. You will learn how it works and if it’s right for you. You will also find out about other advantages of buying an off-road vehicle at Tracker Off Road dealerships.

What’s No Haggle No Hassle?

No Haggle No Hassle pricing is advertised up front—it’s fixed, it’s transparent, and there are no hidden fees. The only extra cost is freight, and that’s all shown everywhere you see the price. That’s it—no haggle and no hassle, just like it should be. The final price is already set, so you get the same, best deal, just like everyone else.

Where can you find No Haggle No Hassle pricing?

You’re in luck. There are more than 130 Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s Boating Centers and nearly 100 quality, authorized Tracker Off Road dealers across the United States and Canada. Every one of these locations sells the same model for the same no-haggle price. For Canadian pricing, see www.trackeroffroad.com, and click on the CAD Maple Flag link at the top.

What are the advantages of buying at a Tracker Off Road dealership?

You get one-stop shopping and then some. Making the purchase is just the beginning of what can be a continuation of the No Haggle No Hassle experience for the life of your off-road vehicle. Your vehicle is registered in our system, which means the detailed service record can be tracked as long as you own it, no matter where it needs service. This is especially beneficial if you take an ATV on a hunting trip away from home and it needs service. The work will be handled by a qualified service technician, using the same parts as your hometown dealership. At many locations, you can purchase Tracker Off Road accessories for your vehicle and have them installed as needed.

How good is the warranty on Tracker Off Road vehicles?

With a Tracker warranty, you get the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is part of the Bass Pro Shops and Tracker family. The brands have for 41 years given more Americans access to the outdoors, with products that are backed by the best warranties and customer service in the outdoor world.

You get auto-like, “bumper-to-bumper” warranty coverage for Tracker Off Road vehicles. That means all components of the vehicle are covered, from the engine and transmission, to structural parts like the suspension and frame and more. What is not covered are routine maintenance and things like brake pads, tires, air cleaners, and fluids. And don’t expect warranty coverage—initial or extended—to cover repairs that result from unsafe operation or abuse of the product.

Tracker Off Road warranty coverage varies by model. The 90, 300, 570, 700EPS, EV, and LS2 have 1-year warranties. The 500S, 800SX, 800sx Crew, and SVX1000 have 18-month warranties. And the OX400, LX4, and LX 6 have 2-year warranties. The XTR1000 has a 6-month warranty.

You can even get an extended warranty that kicks in when the original factory warranty expires. That can be for 12, 24, 36, and even 48 months, depending on the coverage that you need. This comprehensive warranty covers every component on the vehicle, with exception of the lead acid battery.

Is No Haggle No Hassle right for you?

No Haggle No Hassle, just like it reads, is the stress-free way to buy a new Tracker Off Road vehicle. You get to skip the trading back and forth of offers, knowing when you see the price that it’s what you will pay. You also get the benefit of buying at the same dealership where you can have the vehicle serviced, no matter where you might be. You see, the purchase is only the beginning of Tracker Off Road ownership. It lasts for the life of your vehicle. Remember, off-road vehicles get you into the great outdoors. So, why not begin the fun with a No Haggle No Hassle experience?

Ready to get started? Use the online Find A Dealer tool. You can also speak on the phone with the Tracker Off Road Sales Connection Team. Dial the toll-free number at 888-885-4050.

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